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Since 1998, Neofaculty has been offering training in a wide range of fields. You can get a certification, a Bachelor, a Master, a Doctoral Degree. We have references all over the world. StratLab and PsyLab are our research labs.
Our school is a member fully accredidate of the «European Federation of Schools» (FEDE), a supranational institution with participative status with the Council of Europe. The FEDE responds to developments in the higher education and vocational sector. It is a structured network of more than 500 international institutions to promote educational cooperation, networking between member schools and international gateways (student and / or faculty mobility). The organization promotes the international readability of training courses through common standards and diplomas.


Our Doctoral Programs enhance professional experience, provide career prospects and build the trust capital of the diploma holder, which is a gateway to recognized expert status among peers.
Our PhD and DBA, diploma of a high international added value, provide an opportunity to stand out from the now ubiquitous Master’s degrees.


PsyLab is a research laboratory in psychology. We work in the fields of clinical, neuro, social, cognitive and developmental psychology. We work on behalf of individuals and organizations. Our ontological posture is based on a true multidisciplinary approach. We try to understand the individual and the group as a whole. Our mission is to help you overcome challenges and make you happy.